How to battle a fashion challenger?


How to battle a fashion challenger?

How to battle a fashion challenger?

The FASHION Show must go on, from Sept.27 to Oct 3 on the catwalk for another pass with Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week returning. This time, with Fancy clothes, new shinnies, and Mareanie and Toxapx to the event even the debut appearance.
Of encountering these new fashionable Pokemon Players will have an increased chance, from previous Fashion Week events returning featured Pokemon, and throughout more. Which also include the Shiny Furfrou and Shiny Yveltal too.
In the Fashion Challenges another reuniting element is, as players complete Timed Research during Fashion Week NPC trainers who will appear. Like previous Fashion Week events at PokeStops, that means you won’t encounter them and from research, the line to earn rewards directly will instead actually be challenging them.
Because Timed Research has once been implemented in Fashion Challenges, you will need to force there are only three different NPCs and thorough research tasks as you progress in a set order they will come. The event for features Pokemon with encounters reward and the use they will each have teams including the Croagunk, Diglett, and Absol.

In Pokemon Go how you can battle a Fashion Challenger

Throughout Fashion Week time’s research quest in Pokemon Go, three are three fashion Challengers appearing.
As mentioned above, in the Fashion Week research quest or completing a specific quest step each Fashion Challenger is a reward– for the step complete the tasks all you have to of and available to you the battle will be made. After unlocking the battle, whenever you like you can fight the Fashion Challenger.
During a Fashion Challenger encounter that you can end up facing here are all the lineups, listed in order.

Fashion Challenger

⦁ Quirk Challenger
⦁ Rugged Challenger
⦁ Cool Challenger

Pokemon Lineup

⦁ Furfrou, Mareanie, Diglett
⦁ Furfrou, Bitzle, Absol
⦁ Furfrou, Frilish, and Croagunk
To claim your rewards are able and that page of research finished once you clear each Fashion Changer you will get.

Quirk Challenger Teams

⦁ First Pokemon (Furfrou)
⦁ Second Pokemon (Mareanie)
⦁ Third Pokemon (Diglett)
Since a weakness, none of the Quirky Challengers Pokemon shares, over each one which has a type advantage you will want to have a Pokemon. For Furfrou, a fighting type this would be, while for electric Mareanie is weak, psychic-type Pokemon and ground. Meanwhile, against grass, water, and ice types Diglett is weak. If, however, like me two, without breaking a sweat all thee as it defeats watch and can easily select this Pokemon.

Rugged Challenger

⦁ First Pokemon (Furfrou)
⦁ Second Pokemon (Bitzle)
⦁ Third Pokemon (Absol)
As you have noticed above, all have weak Pokemon the Fashion Challengers all have, so an easy task defeats them. Of their weakness to take advantage. If you want, however, for Furfrou you will need a fighting type, for Absol a fairy-type. And for Bitzle a ground-type.

Cool Challenger

⦁ First Pokemon (Furfrou)
⦁ Second Pokemon (Frilish)
⦁ Third Pokemon (Croagunk)
Congratulation! To the last Challenger you have made it, for this challenger’s tea, For Furfrou fighting-type you will need, for Frilish an electric type, and a psychic type for Craogunk.


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