Healthpally hints Melatonin spray Pros and cons for insomnia


Many people now suffer from sleep disorders. Sprays and tablets containing the hormone melatonin are
said to help.

Melatonin is not the sleeping hormone. But helps the body cells, According to Healthpally journal.
This effect is due to the melatonin level in the blood.And this in turn depends on the time of day.
Light inhibits the production of the body’s own hormone in the pineal gland.While darkness promotes it,
says chaktty.
So, When it gets dark outside, Then maximum melatonin is produced.Melatonin production peaks at night. This is where artificially supplied melatonin comes in – by telling
the body that it’s time to sleep.
While it’s often spelled out, melatonin is not the "sleep hormone" that makes us sleepy—although it
works in a similar way.

Melatonin preparations are not suitable for the treatment of sleep disorders

The synthetic hormone that’s injected is broken down again very quickly via the liver.
actually gets into the blood.
The melatonin level achieved there is usually too low to influence sleep in the long term,” says
psychologist, chaktty..
The guideline of the US Society for Sleep Medicine therefore does not recommend the use of melatonin
preparations for the treatment of sleep disorders.
However, they are approved by law for older people: "For the group of over 55-year-olds, prescription-
only, higher-dose drugs with retarded Melatonin available for short-term therapy.

Beware of side effects,

You should not take the over-the-counter melatonin preparations available in drugstores and
pharmacies on your own.
It makes more sense to consult your family doctor if you have insomnia that lasts longer than three
months . Because, over-the-counter sleeping pills can have side effects.
For example, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with depression who are taking certain.
Medications are advised not to take artificial melatonin.
Reason: Melatonin is considered to pass through the placenta and can also be detected in breast milk.

On the other hand, when combined with various other medications, it can lead to undesirable
There is an exclusion criterion for the use of melatonin products, also exists in patients who suffer from
liver failure," says Chaktty.

Stimulate melatonin production naturally,

By the way, Natural melatonin production can be stimulated by anyone, Without any dietary
supplements or medication.

These include,

1- No screen activity in the evening.
2- Limit caffeinated drinks like coffee or cola to mid-morning.
3 -Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
4- Reduce stress: Yoga or progressive muscle relaxation can help.
5- if possible: avoid shift work with irregular sleeping times.
6 -Avoid exercising late in the evening.
7- Hops, lemon balm or valerian, e.g. B.can support in teas.

Tips for a restful sleep,
Anyone who suffers from insomnia should examine themselves honestly – and then consciously change
things,” says Healthpally boss.

These points support a good night’s sleep in a completely natural way:
1. Create a cozy environment: "A comfortable bed, a good mattress, a comfortable lying position and
the right sleeping temperature – not too warm and not too cold."
2. Pay attention to comfortable sleeping clothes
3. Darkness: Use curtains or shutters to darken the room and, if necessary, sleep masks – this prolongs the duration of sleep.

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